Counseling for Real Life

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and depth psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado, I can help you navigate through life’s twists and turns. If you’re feeling stuck with a certain way of being, a depth approach to counseling might be worth looking into.

I think you’ll find I provide the right balance of caring, humor, support and challenge. Is it time to give me a call?

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Jeremy Savage, MA, LPC

Master of Arts in Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD in Depth Psychology Candidate ​

I have a passion for helping people stop merely surviving in life, and start thriving. Spending over 100 hours in development workshops each year, I ensure that my clients receive the best care with a personal touch. I inpsire trust and credibility from my coaching and counseling clients by holding a Master’s degree from a CACREP-accredited university and a license from the State of Colorado. I am also in the process of completing a doctoral program specializing in depth psychotherapy.

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