Areas of Expertise and Specialization

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am trained to work with a variety of issues. I have a special interest and expertise in working with these issues.


Depression is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood issues in the mental health field. Depression can feel like raincloud that constantly hangs over a person, and will not go away. Depression can take many forms, and has many different labels. These forms include bipolar, dysthymic, cyclothymic, and major depressive disorders. If you suspect you may have a depressive disorder, I can help you navigate this often difficult terrain.


Unfortunately, anxiety is depression’s best friend. They are often two sides of the same coin. While depression is often backward-looking, anxiety can be forward-looking: worrying about potential difficulty ahead. It can feel like exessive worry or stress, or when more extreme, it can even be accompanied by physical sensations like shortness of breath, tingling in extremities, or panic attacks. With psychotherapy, anxiety can be managed and does not have to rule your life.

Loss and Grief

Anytime change occurs, there is potential for grief to occur as well. Grief and bereavement counseling can be helpful when dealing with the loss of a spouse, relative, friend, pet, or significant other. These losses, when anticipated (such as in the case of terminal illness) or in more sudden circumstances such as accident or suicide, require an abundance of self-care, compassion, and self-awareness. I help those experiencing significant loss to move through the grieving process with health and healing.

LGBT Issues

Those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans* communities experience similar issues as anyone else; however, these issues can sometimes feel more isolating and complicated due to cultural and spiritual conflict. My practice is affirming of all relational orientations — straight and LGBT. Sexuality is complex, changing, and diverse. Wherever you find yourself in your journey, my office is a non-judgment zone. Learn More