LGBT Issues

Even though our country has made strides toward accepting and protecting the rights of gay people, being in the minority can be a painful and difficult experience. I am proud to have gotten my start providing counseling and psychotherapy in the gay community in Denver — and I still do today.

Although gay and heterosexual people deal with similar challenges, gay people often experience other unique issues. These issues can include:

Reconciling spiritual or religious beliefs with sexual orientation

If you grew up in or have a significant history in a organized religion, you might find it difficult to figure out how to reconcile your sexual orientation and spiritual beliefs. In fact, one of the most difficult challenges that Christian gay men and women face is figuring out how to live with what seems two desires in conflict. It can feel like a war within yourself with no clear solution. I may be able to help if you’re struggling how to make sense of these two important areas of your life.

Alienation from friends and family

Even though it’s a lot easier to be gay today than it was even ten or twenty years ago, gay men and women still might experience alienation from family or a loss of friends after coming out. This can be especially difficult if you’re already feeling unsupported. These feelings of loneliness and alienation can leave you feeling depressed and withdrawn at the least, and self-destructive and suicidal at the worst. Seeing a therapist can help you to feel supported and less alone. It also is helpful for reducing feelings of shame or guilt.

Finding ways to meet other gay people for fun and friendship

Denver has a sizable gay community, but you wouldn’t know it by the relatively small number of gay bars and community organizations. And, let’s face it — it’s easier for straight people to meet dates in our straight-until-proven-otherwise society. For this reason, finding a long-term partner can be especially challenging for gay men and women. This problem is amplified by the huge influx of people moving to Denver. If meeting new people feels overwhelming or impossible to you, you’re not alone! Helping people settle in and make connections in Denver is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve seen the difference it can make in people’s lives, and it can in yours too.

Discrimination in employment, housing, or services

Even though there are laws designed to protect gay people from being discriminated against, it’s still a big problem that still happens all the time. Usually, it can show up in discreet, almost imperceptible ways. Although I can’t help you take legal action if this has happened to you, I can help you process the feelings that it can cause. And, I am good at connecting you with resources who can help. Sometimes just talking about these experiences can bring quick relief.

No matter where you fall on the broad scale of sexual orientation, whether gay, straight, questioning, queer, or bisexual–I promise to honor you and welcome you. My office is a judgment-free zone.

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